Your NEXUS card is missing? See how to replace it!

If you have some very important document that you often use and that is very valuable for you, probably you know that to keep it is of great importance… And if you want to keep using it for a long time, you must be careful not to lose or damage it! Or to be cautious regarding the people who are looking to steal someone’s wallet. Yes, there are so many people who are doing this and you have to be really careful!

Where we can meet most often such people and how to prevent possible theft? Is this possible at all?

Of course, you can’t completely avoid such a situation, but you can do something else – to learn how to replace your important documents that you wore in your wallet: passport, NEXUS card, ID, driver license etc.

Each of the documents listed above is very important, but if you often travel between Canada and the U.S., your NEXUS card will be the most significant loss! If your NEXUS card has been stolen or is damaged, the first thing you must do is to apply for its replacement – as soon as possible and even today! – Because your next trip may be very soon and you have to able to use a NEXUS card – the faster way of crossing the borders…

When traveling abroad, all we know that to move fast between the countries is very difficult task. But not impossible! If you dream to travel just that way (comfortable and fast), get a NEXUS card, renew it, or replace it. See our service to replace your card.

Have in mind that the initial application for NEXUS membership is longer than the procedure for replacement or renewing. So if you want just to replace your card, note that you can do that very easy and fast – just like the traveling via NEXUS!

So, to apply for replacement of your stolen, damaged or lost NEXUS card, you have to fill an application form and to send it by email, as after that to pay the fee. And that’s all. When you once do this, will be able to receive an approval (eventually) and then to use your NEXUS card during your next traveling between Canada and the U.S.

Every membership of the NEXUS program has the amazing chance to travel fast and pleasantly – independently from the way of movement and no matter what kind of travel is yours (by sea, by land, by air).