Have an expired NEXUS card? See what to do!

Canada and the U.S. are amazing countries and if you live in some of them, then you are a lucky! Both of them are one of the biggest in the world, as their location allows you to visit any of them often (some people even travel daily from Canada to the U.S. or vice versa because of their jobs).

All that is great, but there is a little detail that we should mention… The border and its crossing! If many times you have passed the border’s customs checks and know what huge lines there are, probably you are looking for some way to make all that easier? – Surely you wish to find a good way to travel between the U.S. and Canada more comfortable and faster and maybe you have already found it… Isn’t that the incredible NEXUS card?

If yes and even you are using it for a long time, no doubts you know very well what an amazing extra is that and what the benefits of being a member of NEXUS are! It doesn’t matter how you travel (by sea, by land, or by air), because the NEXUS card is valid for any of the listed travel ways. You will avoid the long lines, you will be always one of the first travelers for a customs check and your family will be much happier while traveling – especially the kids!

renew NEXUS card canada

Unfortunately, every NEXUS card has an expired date and sooner or later, you won’t be able to use it… Unless you renew it!

But to do that, you have to be informed what both the procedure and the terms are. You should renew it as soon as possible after you have noticed that your NEXUS card is already expired, or to apply 180 days before the expiration date! Have in mind that most likely you will not have to pass the same interview as when you apply for the very first time… But if something of your personal information have been chanced (address, driver license or passport), then you should going through this interview. It is a standard procedure that is aiming to check if you are appropriate to become a member of NEXUS – there is nothing strange about it, since the program of NEXUS is a trusted program and all its members must not have a criminal record or bad story!

Apply for renewing of your NEXUS card and keep traveling as you did before – pleasant and fast!