Interesting facts about the NEXUS program

If you have to choose between a nice hotel and fast crossing the border, what would be your choice? – To pass the customs check right after you arrive at the airport, or actually you do not mind to wait…for hours…? And if you travel with your kids, do you think that they could stand to all that waiting? Isn’t better for all of you just to quickly pass through the border?

The perfect travel from one place to another means many things: direct flight, good organization especially when traveling with the whole family, nice and cozy hotel, interesting tourist program, low prices and so on. But of course, we can’t have all that and have to decide what our priorities are. – Whether to pay more for faster movement, or to stake on the luxury hotel where we’ll be for a week.

For your great surprise, you can have it all! You can enjoy both great accommodation and pleasant traveling, without paying lots of money. You can stay for seven days or more in the hotel of your dreams, as the fast crossing of the border will be just a small detail of the ideal family vacation! Do not believe us and think that all that is just a pipe dream? – Well, just keep reading!

nexus program

In case you want to make your dreams come true, if you want to experience the best family vacation ever and are ready to do everything possible for your beloved ones just to feel they satisfied, then you need NEXUS cards! By using them, you will become a hero for your family… Now we are going to tell you why you have to use NEXUS card every time when it’s time for a family vacation!

As you probably know, the NEXUS cards are used when crossing the borders of Canada and the U.S. You can’t use them in case you ravel within Europe, nor elsewhere except Canada-America and vice versa. They are the only way for you to get one of these countries fast, before the others and trouble-free! Yes, the NEXUS program really worth trying!

When applying for NEXUS card you have to fill out carefully an application form that to send by email as well. But that’s not all. There is a fee you have to pay via bank transfer in order to proceed with the applying. Once when you are done with this, you have to wait upon receiving of your approval. There also is a possibility for you to attend an interview that is aiming to select the best applicants! – Trusted and without criminal record (the most important detail of your file).

Everybody who would like to become a member of the NEXUS program has to be patience and not to hurry as well. Although that he very much wants to start using its NEXUS card, every applicant for NEXUS has to understand that the approval procedure takes some time and things do not happen immediately. Hope to understand…

So, instead to get nervous and to ask all the time the officials “Isn’t my NEXUS card ready yet”, show signs of patience and just organize your next trip to Canada or the U.S.! You can book a hotel; you can see which sights both you and your family will visit, as well as what kind of transportation you will use. We recommend you to travel by air, because this way of movement is the fastest, the most comfortable and even the cheapest one (if you get some last minute tickets).

When you receive your approval will start traveling as never before. You will forget about the lines in front of the kiosks for a customs check, you will be able to cross the border before the other travelers who have no other choice but to wait for hours and many other advantages you have never thought that exist. Enjoy your NEXUs membership and renew your cards when it is already time – every 5 years!

NEXUS pass renewal

How to renew our NEXUS card and must we meet some special requirements?

If you have been approved once, to get an approval once again is ten to one. If you have no criminal record, if you are citizen of the U.S. or Canada over the last few years, then we do not see any problem for you to renew your NEXUS card, or family package as well. The chance to continue traveling by using your NEXUS card is huge, so do not let go of it!

The procedure when willing to renew your card is the same as when you applying for the first time – step by step, you will come closer to the renewal. Follow all the steps indicated and very soon you will hit the road with your new NEXUS card/s.

In what timeframe we should apply for renewal?

Remember that you’re able to renew your NEXUS card even 180 days before its expiry date. But in case that you have missed this term and suddenly you have noticed that your card is not valid, do not worry and panic – at worst! You can renew your membership even in case that for some reason you did not pay attention to the expiry date of your NEXUS card and have miss it. You can fix things by applying right after you finally have noticed that something is wrong with your NEXUS card…

An interesting fact is that when applying for renewal, the process can be even faster. If your personal data have not change, you can get your renewed card in short terms. You won’t have to wait for month to finally receive your card, weather to go on an interview (hope so). The steps are 4 as each of them will be well known for you. Follow them as you did before and expect a confirmation even sooner than you expected. – Sounds wonderful, isn’t?

The NEXUS program is everything you’ve ever dreamed of when it comes to travels and crossing the borders…. By using it and being a member, you and your family will have completely different views about how we have to travel with our beloved ones. And is not about the way of transportation – we all are able to travel by the plane. It is about the comfort, the fastness and the pleasure we all are looking for. Enjoy them!!