Travel pleasant with your family and… NEXUS!

Every day we have to think about our family… And that is quite normal, because our beloved ones are the meaning of life. It does not matter what it is about – the family must be always on the first place, without exceptions and excuses!

When it comes to trips and family holidays, everything has to be perfect… We can’t afford mistakes and to put at risk our family. We have to do everything possible to provide our loved ones with comfort and safety!

What we are trying to say?

Well, today’s article is very important and all traveling parents must read it! The information you will get if you stay here will be very useful for you at some point – when you travel abroad and more especially to Canada or the U.S.!

The first thing we would like to clarify is that every travel can be like a real adventure… Of course, all depends on you, but we are sure that, anyway, you do your best in order to make happy your family when on way and to get your destination as fast as possible (in this case – Canada or the U.S.).

But did you miss something? Are you sure that you did everything possible to travel really comfortable and fast? And how about the NEXUS cards – did you forget them….?

See more about the NEXUS program here:

Well, most people think that to travel by nice car or with a charter flight is enough. But they forget about the long lines at the airport, as well as about the customs checks (that may take lots of time) and the crowds of travelers that are simply huge! And if you want to find some way to avoid all that, the NEXUS card will be your solution!

If you already wish to get NEXUS cards for all your beloved ones, first you should apply for them. You should do a few things in order to receive an approval, as well to get you cards. These things are actually several steps you have to follow, as the first one is to fill-in the special family application.

After that, you should perform the payment as indicated and to await a confirmation. Be sure that if everything is properly done and if all the members of your family are approved, in short terms you will get and enjoy your NEXUS cards!

We will be thankful if you send us your feedback. We would like to know how was your trip and if you make some difference between your previous trips and those with the NEXUS program?