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There are hundreds of interesting and useful articles on the Internet about how to travel with our family without getting mad… And if you think that this is impossible, probably you have no kids and always travel alone. Okay, let’s say that you are a solo traveler and have no idea what to travel with 2 or more kids is. Let’s also assume that you only have heard about this experience and are sure that your kids will be “different”… They won’t scream on the line, they will behave like adults and will make you feel proud of their behavior.

We can only say that you live in a great delusion! Every family trip is like an episode of the Indiana Jones movie and if you think that you and your family will travel perfect someday, you are wrong! Except if you have a NEXUS card!

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Every family application for NEXUS cards is easy, as the steps you must follow are several and even pleasant… Have also in mind that if every member of your family applies separately, the procedure will be slowlier than if you apply all together! Yes, that is true. The procedure is facilitated when it comes to family applications, so grab this chance and take advantage of this!

If you travel a lot, if your family also loves to travel often and more specially between the amazing U.S. and Canada, the NEXUS program is more than suitable for you to enjoy your movement… Everybody who has a NEXUS card and who love to travel with it, knows what we are talking about! The NEXUS cards are great; they will give you the opportunity to move fast and to avoid the endless lines as well – a good reason for you to apply today!

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