Canadian Family Holidays

Topic about holidays is endless and we always have something to say… To travel the world is great and everybody who has this incredible chance has to explore more and more places! If you live in Europe, as well as are crazy about trips and holidays (just like us), probably you have already toured all the nearby countries… Do not stop doing that and keep traveling – you never know where will take you your journey! Some day you can find yourself even in Canada because as we already said – you never know…Canada-family-Holidays

Do not rely on chance and take things into your own hands – plan your trip! And if you really want to experience a different holiday, then go to Canada and enjoy this amazing land…

But this country is so large, where to go first and how to start our trip? There are so many beautiful cities and sights, which one to see for starters?

Well, Canada is one of the biggest countries in the world and together with that is a holiday destination with countless amazing cities, sights and places where you can spend your holiday or just to visit for a while… And although that this wonderful land is associated mostly with Niagara Falls, you have to know that there are many other breathtaking, natural wonders, futuristic cities and stunning parks!

Start your adventure in Canada by visiting the impressing city of Montreal! We love the modern cities and Montreal is of them – interesting, memorable and very, very contradictory… People describe it as a “hybrid rose” and after we have visited the town we understood why.

The town is exceptionally impressing place and if you want to see all the sights, you have to take more time for walks. For example you can start exploring Montreal by visiting the underground city where you will find subways and tunnels with total area of 32 km! – Very impressing, right? Every of them will take you to shopping centers, museums, galleries and hotels, so literally you have to you expect the unexpected… Everybody who has adventurous spirit will fall in love with Montreal due to the incredible surprises that the city will serve you!

Probably you do not know, but Montreal is a host of not a few festivals as some of them are the International Jazz Festival, the World Film Festival and Comedy Festival! We wish you to have the chance to enjoy even one of them – this will be unforgettable experience for you.